Residential Electrical Services

Distinct Electrical provides all your electrical solutions for your home. Below outlines some of these services. Please call if you have any questions.

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new luxury homes


First and second fix for all new buildings. This includes helping you plan for the location of outlets, what wiring you will need, a functional lighting system & energy efficient solutions. Planning at the beginning stages can help to get things in the right location and to the correct specifications.

building extensions and renovations


Renovations can be expensive and time consuming but we can help to make things run smoothly. Including disconnecting old appliances, power points and light switches to allow for demolition / reconfiguration. Or perhaps you want to add a ceiling fan, extra lights or an audio sound system to make your home function the way you want it to.

kitchens and bathrooms electrical


We install and service all kitchen appliances such as ovens, cooktops and range hoods. Or does your bathroom need a heater, ceiling / exhaust fan or a heated towel rack? We can help you with all your bathroom and kitchen solutions.

tv phone data


We all rely on technology and having everything at our finger tips. Distinct Electrical can help set up your home network with installing data points for the internet, phone connections and tv antennas. So if your home or office needs to be connected call your local electrician today.

lighting design


Are you wanting to install new lights or upgrade your existing ones? We supply and install LED Downlights, Pendants, bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, security lights and garden lights. Call us to discuss the most efficient and cost effective way to light your home or business. If you’re not sure what you’re after we can help provide design advice and costs involved.


Safety switches are designed to prevent injury or death by automatically switching off the electricity supply when an electrical fault is detected. Make your home safer and reduce the risk of electricity related fires, electric shock & more.

smoke alarms


Is your smoke alarm functioning correctly? We can supply and install your smoke detector to Australian Standards. Make sure your home is compliant with operational smoke detectors and your family is a safe as they can be.

power points


Smart phones and electronic devices are widely used in homes, you can now install the latest powerpoints with USB sockets to allow for the growing number of devices in your house. Or do you just want some more outlets throughout your home in the right location to make your life run smoother. We are licensed and insured to install power points in your home or office.

switchboard upgrades


Do you live in an older home that needs to have the switchboard upgraded? Make your home safer with a new clearly labelled and up to date switchboard. Avoid short circuits, insufficient power supply and safety switch issues and call us today to discuss your upgrade requirements.



Unless you know exactly what you are doing, you should never attempt to do anything with your home’s electrical wiring. Instead, call for professional electrical services. We rewire older homes and check for damaged, deteriorating or faulty wiring.

fault finding


Are you having electrical problems or are you concerned about something? We troubleshoot to find and fix the issue instantly. Keep your home or office safe by calling and speaking to our friendly electrician today.

24 hour emergency


We always answer our phone. Contact us now if you have an emergency electrical fault that needs urgent attention!